The Tire Man

The Tire Man is a sister company of All Japanese Auto. We are a tire dealer with availability and knowledge of several brands, and can help you with several other tire-related issues as well!

We have the ability to diagnose your vehicles’ TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) or acquire a new or used rim, should one become damaged or unusable.

We do keep quite a few tires in stock, but we are of course limited by the amount of space that we have for storage. If we don’t have your size or desired brand in stock, or if there is a specific tire that you want to special order, we can acquire almost anything within 24-48 hours.

We are a bit different than the average tire dealer in the marketplace today. Here’s what makes us a little different from the rest.

When you receive a price quote from many of the other tire dealers or big-box stores out there, the price is not always calculated in the same manner. Some tire facilities will quote you the cost of the tires only, without factoring mounting or balancing into the mix. Perhaps you, the consumer, is not told this additional cost until you are already committed to the purchase.

Some dealers will tell you that “rotation is included when purchasing the tires”. This may be so, but these brand new tires of yours will need to be balanced as well. The “lifetime rotation” package is a similar animal. The balance, which is not included, ends up costing about as much as a legitimate mount & balance from other locations such as ours.

The mantra of The Tire Man is simple:


We may appear to be a bit more expensive than the national chains out there. This is usually because we are giving you, the customer, the entire cost of the initial tire purchase, including the mount & balance. We do not offer “maintenance packages” with hidden costs or tricky explanations.

So keep in mind when pricing out new tires for your vehicle:

Are you really comparing the same items and services, or are they two very different things?