We strive to provide an automotive experience that exceeds expectations. Whether you’re buying, selling or need maintenance/services, we are here for you for all your automotive needs from start to finish.

Our office and waiting area is always clean and neat, with plenty of information, materials and complimentary WiFi to make your time All Japanese Auto more enjoyable. You can also view all of our technical training information and various certifications are on display.

Need to drop your car off after hours? Well will help you fit automotive repairs into your schedule as you see fit. Just leave your keys in one of our after-hours Drop Box in a provided envelope with the information requested. We’ll call you as soon as receive it in the next morning.

representative of the wonderful area in which we live and work. Our spacious parking lot, Pre-Owned Vehicle area, and general landscape are all very well kept.

We have a dedicated full-time Customer Service Manager on staff, who is always available to listen to your description of your vehicles issues and communicate them clearly and concisely to our Technicians. The Technicians will then be able to render an accurate diagnosis. If parts are required for your vehicle, he can devote his efforts to locating the best quality part available at a fair price and coordinate a delivery time so as to expedite the repair of your car as necessary.


Our Technicians are as, or more experienced than any that could be found at any New Car Dealer or Independent repair facility. With years of experience ranging from 8 years to 40 years, they have seen everything and know the best avenue of approach for every problem or condition. All of our Techs hold either Factory Training Certificates and/or Certifications from several component and Independent automotive systems training programs.


Outfitted with the latest tools and equipment, our 5-bay shop has everything needed to service your vehicle. We have various lifts and other equipment will allow us to service anything from small economy cars to light trucks. Our Hunter Wheel Alignment equipment is constantly calibrated and updated with the latest factory specifications. We also have several diagnostic scanners on hand in order to give us the information we need about your vehicle’s computer diagnostic codes. Scanners can also help us to pinpoint drivability or engine performance issues with your car or truck. We do our absolute best to keep as many different filters and fluids in stock as we possibly can. Chances are, we have the materials needed to service your vehicle in a timely fashion.

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